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Martin Wood Stair Railing & Hardwood Floor Stairs Arlington Heights was established in 2004. Since then, we have produced countless high-quality wood stairs and wood staircases Arlington Heights locals, entrepreneurs, and commercial property owners. We also service handrails installation, staircase replacement, repairs, and staircase railing installation Arlington Heights.

Our commitment to the craft has made us a role model stair company Arlington Heights - the best in the market. Our clients trust our creative ideas and design expertise. Our team of stairs contractors Arlington Heights is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and passion to bring their best work forward each time. At our company, we use only the best materials in the market to make your dream design come to life. We also make custom staircases Arlington Heights to fit your unique style.

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The Reasons Why Martin is The Perfect Choice For Your Wood Stairs Arlington Heights

Our stair company Arlington Heights takes pride in installing high quality wood staircases and wood stair railing Arlington Heights for residential and commercial properties. Our customers are always satisfied with our finished projects. To match your unique style, we have an amazing team of staircase installers Arlington Heights that can make your dream custom staircases true to life. We also do handrails installation, stair spindles replacement, and staircases renovation. Give us a call today!

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Martin Wood Stairs & Handrails Installation Arlington Heights offers a wide selection of patterns and colors for hardwood stairs and wood stair railing. You would surely find the best design that fits your personal style, whether for your home or business property in Arlington Heights. Browse all choices from the catalog provided to you.

Signs That Your Need Remodel Staircase in Arlington Heights

If you have a multi-story home in Arlington Heights, your staircase is one of the highest traffic areas used by your family. It is also often the most ignored because it rarely gives you a warning side that something is wrong until it is already too late. It can give you subtle clues, though, and if you take these clues seriously you can prevent a potentially catastrophic situation in the future that could lead to physical harm and replacing a staircase Arlington Heights.

1 Warning signs like creaking stairs are usually the most common in wood stairs in many Arlington Heights homes. Creaking stairs are usually due to a gap between the stair itself and the stair riser which supports the stair. Creaking stairs are more annoying than detrimental, and they are easily fixable. Other common hazards, on the other hand, that can be a problem are items like loose stair treads that weaken the structural integrity of the stair. Both of these can be handled with a simple staircase renovation.

2 If you have a wood staircase, water damage and age are the biggest culprits that can lead to a full staircase replacement Arlington Heights. Water seeps into the wood causing it to contort and warp and as pressure is put on the warped wood it becomes brittle and soft. It is very easily to fall through a soft stair tread which can lead to serious injury. Some woods age very well but with the constant traffic of a staircase, keeping up with the integrity of your staircase wood is of vital importance.

3 If you start to see deterioration from age, unless it was made before the turn of the century, it is actually better to plan a staircase replacement Arlington Heights than attempt a staircase restoration in your Arlington Heights home.

4 Other items like loose banisters and shaky wood stair railing on your staircase can also be warning signs of a potential staircase renovation Arlington Heights in future. Some staircase components are only accessible from areas that are best approached by staircase contractors like the ones from Martin.

The highly skilled staircase installers Arlington Heights contracted by Martin have the talent and passion to give you a new staircase that will fit your home perfectly or just a staircase renovation in your Arlington Heights home. And they can do an inspection to see if your staircase is in need of renovation or replacement for your own Peace of Mind.


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Why You Should Choose Our Stair Railing Installation Arlington Heights

Years Of Experience

We are proud of our many years of experience in the industry. This has allowed our team of hard-working stair contractors to consistently install and repair Arlington Heights wooden stairs. We continue to improve our craft for better service.

Quality Materials

We use the best materials – durable and lasting wood railings and custom staircases. You can enjoy your hardwood stairs for years to come with no worries. Our skillful staircase contractors Arlington Heights work with precision to achieve your dream design.

Friendly Customer Service

We have a team of professional and friendly stairs contractors Arlington Heights that are ready to take on any project you need. We make our clients feel taken care of so we can work faster and finish the job on time.