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Since 2004, Martin Wood Staircases & Wood Stair Railing has provided countless handrails installation, staircase replacement, repairs, and refinishing of hardwood floor stairs Lake Zurich. All of our projects are made with high-quality woods, that is why most locals, entrepreneurs, and commercial property owners trust our stair company Lake Zurich. Our many years of experience and knowledge in the stairs industry have helped us ensure that your stairs and staircases are designed, crafted, and installed with perfection and high-attention to details. Our stairs contractors and staircase contractors Lake Zurich are experts and can handle every stage of the stair construction process for architects, builders, homeowners, and commercial property owners. Whenever you need eye-catching staircases or stairs for a small home or large commercial property, we are your premier source for all styles and materials.

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The Reasons Why Martin Is The Perfect Choice For Your Wood Stairs Lake Zurich

Our stair company Lake Zurich takes pride in installing high-quality wood stairs, wood stair railing and wood staircases Lake Zurich. We have produced countless wood stairs in residential and commercial properties. We are recognized for creating beautiful and unique designs, and we are proud to serve as a trusted partner to entrepreneurs, homeowners, and commercial property owners and builders. We have a team of innovative experts, and all of our crew possess many years of experience in the industry. We consistently deliver top-quality custom staircases, stair railing installations. Our stairs contractors are the perfect choice to remodel staircase Lake Zurich.

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Check the Wide Range of Offered Product
Check The Wide Range of Offered Products for CUSTOM STAIRCASES LAKE ZURICH

Martin Wood Stairs & Staircase Installers Lake Zurich offers broad product offerings that vary from standard straight wooden staircases to more sophisticated styles, including flared, curved, spiral, or circular. We also have a wide selection and patterns and colors for your hardwood stairs and wood stair railing. Take a look at the choices we have in the catalog provided to you. You can find a lot of inspiration and samples of our work. If something catches your eye call us and we will send handrail installer Lake Zurich.


Most family homes have a staircase, and it is often one of the highest traffic areas in the home. It is also usually the most neglected area because it rarely offers a warning sign that something is wrong until the problem is large enough to notice. Any hardwood stairs in Lake Zurich can give you subtle clues, you just have to know what to look for and take action before a catastrophe happens that leads to damage in your home or harm to your family. That may mean replacing a staircase Lake Zurich is needed.

1 Warning signs such as creaking stairs commonly signify that wood stairs in a Lake Zurich home need help. Creaking is usually due to a gap between the step itself and the stair riser supporting the stair. It’s a problem that is more of an annoyance than a physical problem that can cause harm but it is very fixable. Other common more serious concerns that would require the intervention of staircase contractors Lake Zurich include loose stair treads weakening the structural integrity of each stair. These issues can be taken care of with a professional staircase renovation in Lake Zurich.

2 For any wood staircase, water damage and age are the biggest concerns that may lead to a complete staircase replacement in Lake Zurich. Water soaks into the wood causing it to expand and warp putting more pressure on the stairs, leaving it brittle and soft. It is very easy to fall through a brittle stair tread, possibly causing serious injury. Many kinds of wood age very well but with the high foot-traffic, it’s important to maintain the integrity of your hardwood stairs in Lake Zurich.

3 If you begin to see some deterioration on your staircase due to age unless it was constructed prior to the turn of the century, it is usually better to plan a staircase replacement Lake Zurich rather than attempting a staircase restoration.

4 Other parts of a staircase like loose banisters or a shaky wood stair railing can also be seen as warning signs that could benefit from a staircase renovation in Lake Zurich. It’s important that these issues are handled by professional staircase contractors Lake Zurich like those at Martin, as some parts may only be accessible from difficult areas.

The incredibly skilled staircase installers in Lake Zurich that are contracted by Martin have the skills and determination to provide you with a new staircase that fits your home perfectly. Or we can simply offer a staircase renovation in your Lake Zurich home. We can do an inspection of your wood stairs in Lake Zurich to determine whether you need a staircase replacement or a renovation, giving you peace of mind.


Why You Should Choose Our Stair Railing Installation Lake Zurich

Years Of Experience

Our many years of experience in the industry has helped us consistently provide handrail installation, stair spindle replacement, and beautiful staircase installation Lake Zurich. Our team of hardworking stair contractors continues to improve our craft to give our clients a better service. You can also count on us with staircases renovation Lake Zurich.

Quality Materials

Martin Wood Staircases & Wood Stair Railing Lake Zurich is dedicated to quality. We have an excellent reputation in using high-quality, durable, and long-lasting wood materials in building your wooden stairs and handrails. All of our projects are done with high-precision and attention to detail.

Friendly Customer Service

Everyone in Martin Wood Staircases & Wood Stair Railing Lake Zurich is accommodating and helpful. We treat each of our customers as a family, and we strive to make you feel well taken care of and give each a unique staircase of all styles, that is aesthetically pleasing and code compliant.